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Diane Reich is an artist, educator, motivational speaker, and passionate proponent of the Jewish experience and heritage, engaging audiences with her enlightening and captivating art presentations. She aims to wield her color-drenched original paintings to convey positive truths and remarkable tales that foster enhanced pride and deeper gratitude for our homeland, history, and culture. Her interactive art presentations resonate deeply, touching the hearts and minds of her audience, leaving a lasting impact on all who participate..


   1Art Presentations & Interactive Programs  -  descriptions & photos

"Israel: Young, Tiny, Democratic, and Remarkable"

Five paintings illustrate Israel's unprecedented and incredible contributions to mankind.

40 incredible pride-evoking

fun-facts about Israel

Israel Provides Humanitarian Aid

Around the World


Israel's Miraculous Medical Achievements Save​ Lives              Israel's Agricultural Techniques Help Globally     Israel's Technology & Inventions Improve Humanity

"Who's At the Wall?

Finally, Living Free of Anti-Semitism in Our Homeland"

The immigrant journey is portrayed through the compelling and inspiring true stories of four now distinguished men who escaped from across different eras, at different ages, and have since become influential figures who have contributed significantly to Israeli society. Coming from various countries and heterogeneous backgrounds, they all fled from anti-Semitism, discrimination, and oppression. The artwork illustrates them praying at the Western Wall in their homeland. They greatly appreciate Israel which provides them and all citizens with equal rights, autonomy, and religious liberty, but most of all they are grateful for their freedom from both state-sanctioned and societal anti-Semitism.


      From left to right are images of:​

      1) Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, child holocaust survivor, born in POLAND in 1937 - former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel​

      2) Nadav Guedj, IDF soldier, born in FRANCE in 1998 - represented Israel & became finalist in Eurovision Song Contest

      3) Natan Sharansky, human rights activist, born in the UKRAINE in 1948 - Knesset member, author, & Chairman of Jewish Agency

      4) Shlomo Molla, survivor, born in ETHIOPIA in 1965 - Deputy Speaker of Knesset & Director of Immigration & Absorption


"Emet - Truth" 

  The Truth About Israel?   

Twelve meaningful images and scenes encircle the map, highlighting important truths about Israel. This pride-evoking painting, along with the accompanying art presentation, uses historically documented facts to pictorially refute common myths, lies, and propaganda.  

original (6).jpg

"Longing for Peace   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6x..."

This dove symbolizes Israel's desire for peace. The years depicted at the bottom illustrate actions taken by Israel that demonstrate this aspiration for harmony. These dates also mark instances when the Arabs/Palestinians rejected both peace and the chance to establish their own state.











The "Wheelchairs of Hope" initiative, lauded by the U.N., is represented in this whimsical, painted papercut collage, showcasing the generosity and kindness of Israelis. Israeli volunteer engineers, occupational therapists, designers, and plastic experts, in partnership with volunteers at ALYN Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem, have created an innovative, lightweight, supportive wheelchair for children. These vibrant, child-friendly wheelchairs are being produced and donated by Israel to help children from underprivileged families gain mobility, attend school, and foster independence. Demonstrating their commitment to kindness and generosity, Israel has donated over ten thousand wheelchairs to children in need across Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


Israel's Generosity & Kindness


"100 Hearts"


"A hundred hearts are too few to hold all the love I feel for you".

מאה לבבות לא מספיקים מכדי להחזיק את האהבה שאני מרגישה כלפיך


The painting's theme and imagery draw inspiration from the passionate lyrical poetry found in King Solomon's "Song of Songs."

The phrase within the artwork is derived from a modern verse.

Additionally, the art presentation builds upon and broadens

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks' notion of the Seasons of Love.


People of the Book:

Fire, Fury, Faith, and Facts ~ 

100 Years of Jewish History in a Painting


"The People of the Book" is a term commonly associated with Jewish individuals. The painting depicts the Jewish people's history over the last century, including contemporary events, and incorporates multiple languages.The titles on the darker-hued books in the left stack reflect the grim and horrific events of our history, along with the current grave challenges faced by the Jewish community and Israel. Conversely, the titles on the brightly colored books in the right stack celebrate the numerous splendid facets of Jewish and Israeli existence that are exceptionally inspiring and a source of pride. Atop the books is painted a golden menorah, a Judaic symbol of faith, history, and miracles. The menorah, with its flames fiercely burning, represents both the fire and fury of the historical and ongoing injustices faced by our people. Yet, it also stands for faith, facts, and illumination. The light that emanates from the truth, faith, and knowledge instills in us a profound pride in our Jewish identity, our extraordinary heritage, our significant contributions to the world, and our hopeful outlook for the future. This shared legacy unites us, like a single menorah aglow with eight precious lights.


Yom HaZikaron   &  Yom HaShoah


STATEHOOD:  Yom HaShoah is a Memorial Day dedicated to commemorating the 6 million innocent Jewish people murdered by the Nazis during WW11 soley because of their faith.  2/3 of European Jewry were systematically murdered during the Holocaust, also called the Shoah.

Yom Hazikaron is an Israeli Memorial Day honoring the fallen soldiers of Israel's defensive wars and the victims of terrorism.

The inscription near the top the star of the painting conveys the message that while Yom Hazikaron  honors the tragic heroic losses involved in having and defending Israel; Yom HaShoah is a solemn reminder of the catastrophic, devastating, and tragic losses of not having a homeland.


I aim to encapsulate the enduring significance of Israel to the Jewish people, as vital now as it was when first established as a Jewish homeland 3700 years ago, and how antisemitism played a role throughout our history.


The Balfour Declaration of 1917, initiated by the British government and agreed upon by Britain, France, and Italy, supported the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people.

Following WWI, the San Remo Resolution of 1920, an international legal treaty, was signed between the warring parties. This resolution, which came after the Allied powers' victory in WWI, legally bound the Axis powers to agree that the region known as Palestine, the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, would become a state for them. Concurrently, the resolution allocated regions of Mesopotamia and Syria to the Arab population.

On July 24, 1922, all 52 member countries of the League of Nations, an international legal entity and forerunner to the United Nations, unanimously voted in favor of a Jewish State, a decision also endorsed by a joint resolution of the US Congress on June 30, 1922.

The Arab Revolt against the British and Jewish residents in the Mandate of Palestine from 1936-1939 prompted Britain to issue the White Papers in 1939. These papers reneged on previous commitments and appeased Arab insurgents by drastically restricting Jewish immigration to Israel, a factor that likely contributed to the murder of over two-thirds of European Jewry in the Holocaust. Before and during WWII, many countries restricted or shut their borders to Jewish refugees. The existence of Israel or a safe haven for these refugees could have been spared from the Nazis.

My painting is a representation of the significance of Israel to the Jewish community, both historically and in the present day.

Today Israel stands as the sole Jewish-majority nation where Jewish individuals can live without the fear of antisemitism. Presently, there are about 126 Christian-majority countries and 50 Muslim-majority countries, yet there is just one Jewish-majority country: the small yet significant state of Israel.


Who are these Incredible Women at the Kotel?



The painting depicts eight remarkable Jewish women hailing from Ethiopia, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Iraq, the former Soviet Union, and two indigenous to the land of Israel for generations. Their astonishing real-life stories of resilience, pride, peril, adventure, challenges, survival, and a commitment to Jewish continuity compelled them to seek refuge in Israel, the sole nation that embraced them, granting freedom, equality, and a place to call home.




    Then & Now​

Anti-Semitism is defined as prejudice against or hatred towards Jews. The Holocaust and the Hamas Massacre of October 7, 2023, are examples of antisemitic genocides. This painting depicts two young victims from each genocide.

The stark contrast between the anti-Jewish sentiment of the 1940s and the present lies in the existence of the Jewish State of Israel. As of 2024, Israel possesses a strong, ethical military capable of protecting and defending its citizens against antisemitism and aggression. Israel serves as a sanctuary where Jewish individuals can live free from antisemitism, and where all citizens can enjoy freedom and equality under Israeli law.​​​

Reich_Anti-Semitism Then and Now.jpg

            Never Again is Happening Again!​​​

     The orphaned child weeping on the left, Simcha Shmuelowicz, is in Bergen-Belsen, a German concentration and slave labor camp. His family—parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins—and most of the Jewish residents of his town were killed. The Nazi regime systematically murdered 6 million Jews using gas chambers, mass shootings, and through intentional starvation, disease, and harsh treatment. This state-sponsored genocide is known as the Holocaust. Many were imprisoned in concentration camps solely for their Jewish faith. Individuals were dehumanized into slave labor, stripped of their identities, and referred to by numbers tattooed on their arms rather than their names. Two-thirds of European Jewry were systematically murdered, shot, gassed, starved, and worked to death by the Nazis. The Nazis, along with their allies and collaborators, also committed mass atrocities, resulting in the deaths of millions of non-Jewish individuals as well. Following World War II, the rallying cry was "Never Again!" 

       The painting also portrays Kfir Bibas, a one-year-old red-haired Israeli child, who was abducted by terrorists and is being held hostage in Gaza along with hundreds of other Israelis. On October 7, 2023, a thousand Hamas Arab militants from Gaza breached the border wall and entered sovereign Israeli territory in the early morning. The assailants attacked 24 Israeli towns and kibbutzim and targeted the Nova music festival. They committed atrocities, including murder, shooting, decapitation, tying-up and burning of people, arson of property, brutal sexual violence, torture, and mutilation against thousands of innocent civilians in Israel.  Innocent men, women, and children were massacred and kidnapped solely because they were Jewish or resided in Israel. Shortly thereafter, a second wave of another thousand heavily armed Gazan Arab cilivians came into Israel to shoot, burn families, mutilate, decapitate, cut off limbs, gouge out eyes, brutally rape, torture, and steal Israelis.  Then came a third wave of a thousand heavily armed Gazan civilian Arabs who also went into Israeli towns to murder, torture, burn, rape, mutilate, and steal more Israeli civilians. These Arab civilians joyfully screamed "Allah Akbar" as they laughed, cheered, and called their parents to excitedly tell them how many Jews they murdered.  They recorded their own hateful acts of violence and posted their evil atrocities with pride on social media.  When the hostages were brought into Gaza by the Hamas terrorists and Arab civilians who kidnapped them, thousands of citizens of Gaza gathered, cheered, and beat the victims with sticks and bats as they were led down the streets of Gaza by their proud, elated captors. The civilian Arabs later sold the hostages to Hamas who took them to underground hot, humid, airless tunnels, where they continued to torture them.

        Today Israel is fighting a war in Gaza against Hamas terrorists..The Israeli Defense Force is conducting operations to rescue the hostages. Israel is determined to neutralize the terrorists' threat to prevent further attacks, as the assailants have repeatedly warned and promised to continue their violent attacks. 

        TThe contrast between 1944 and 2024 is striking; eighty years ago, Jews lacked a safe haven to escape persecution and antisemitism. Many countries had limited immigration visas or were completely closed off to Jewish refugees. Britain, the temporary administrator of the Mandate of Palestine (Israel), issued the White Papers in 1939, an act of appeasement to try to end the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939, which severely restricted Jewish immigration. Today, Jews have a legally recognized homeland in Israel, situated in their ancestral territory, which they have transformed from swampland and desert. The Mandate of Palestine was designated as a homeland for the Jewish people in the area referred to as Palestine, their ancestral homeland, in 1917 by the Balfour Declaration, agreed upon by Britain, France, and Italy; in 1920 by the San Remo Resolution Treaty with England, France, Italy, Japan, and the USA as an observer nation; in 1922 by the unanimous vote of the international League of Nations; and in 1947 with the UN Partition Plan, which was approved by 72% of the international vote. Concurrently, the areas of Syria and Mesopotamia were designated as lands for the Arab populace. Israel stands as the sole democracy in the Middle East, offering equality and freedom to all its citizens and allowing Jews to live free from antisemitism. Israel continues to make significant contributions to the world an nation that one can take pride in for its remarkable Jewish history, heritage, tradition, culture, ethics, and  achievements..​​​



"Let's Talk About Israel:  

A Fun & Interactive Look at a  Remarkable Country"

During the Covid-19 pandemic, creative, multi-media, interactive virtual zoom programs were created and presented.  They include comics, short videos, paintings, photos, fun facts, and a unique and creative Israel IQ Game.


Diane Reich is a public speaker in the Jewish National Fund (JNF) & United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Speakers Bureaus


Diane Reich’s Paintings Chosen for Honors, Distinctions, & Exhibitions 

Personal Renaissance Art Exhibit at Belskie Museum of Art & Science, Closter, NJ, 3/5 - 3/26/2017

           Israel's Contributions to Humanity Showcase Art Display, Bialystoker Synagogue, NY, NY, 4 - 5/2017          

 Religious Freedom Showcase Art Display, Bialystoker Synagogue, NY, NY 6-7/20/2017

Freedom An Artistic Interpretation Exhibit, Belskie Museum of Art & Science, Closter, NJ, 3/5 - 3/25/2018

Manny Cantor Center of the Educational Alliance Art Exhibition, NYC, NY 10 -12/2018

Stanton 11 Exhibit at the Stanton Street Shul Art Gallery, NYC, NY 1/13-3/12/2019

Henry Goodleman Art Gallery Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY 1/15-1/20/2019

Manny Cantor Center of the Educational Alliance Art Exhibit, NYC, NY 4 - 6/2019

Painting Exhibition at Co-op Village NORC Center, NY, NY 9/2019

The Pen and the Knife Jewish Papercut Art Exhibition, NYC, NY, 11/4 - 12/2019 

Utopia: Visions and Traditions Yiddish New York Art Show, NY, NY 12/12/2019 - 1/2020

Best of Stanton Art Exhibit, Stanton Street Synagogue Art Gallery, NY, NY, 3/8/2020 - 11/2021

"Finf Yor" Five Years of Art at online gallery of Yiddish NY  12/2020-12/2021

Painting chosen to represent month of February in United Jewish Council 2021 Calendar  2021

Paintings exhibited in UJC Virtual Art Gallery  2021  

"Veiling and Revealing: The Facemasks of the Torah Art Exposition"  1 of 24 international artists chosen to present at fundraiser sponsored by Harlem Moishe House and the Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Team for the environmental non-profit, Hazon.  2/27/2021

Interview & Article about Artist  2-3/2021   2021  

 Moshe House and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah    2021

HAZON   2021

Art chosen to be printed on postcards and distributed to clients as Holiday Gifts from United Jewish Council 12/2021 - 1/2022

Virtual Manny Canter Center Art Gallery       May, 2022

Administration for Community Living (ACL) "Age My Way" Celebrate Arts MCC's Jewish Communal Fund Gallery Opening Reception, May 13, 2022

Magical Thinking & Other Persistent Notions Exhibit, Dr. Bernard Heller Art Museum at Hebrew Union College, NY, NY -  May 24 - Dec 29, 2022

Upcoming Solo Art Exhibit at Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue, only Greek Synagogue in Western Hemisphere, anticipated opening  12/2023

Art Show in Century Village, Boca Raton, Florida.2/2023

One Nation Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All Art Exhibition, Hebrew Union, Bernard Heller Art Museum, 1/2023- 6/2023 

Gala Art Exhibition at the Stanton Street Synagogue Art Gallery, NYC  12/2022 - 7/2023

CelebratEArts Exhibition at the Educational Alliance, in NYC, throughout the month of May. Moderated Q&A with the 15 artists and Reception 5/17/2023

One Nation Painting was selected to be part of a Travel Museum from September 2023 to July 2024

Century Village of Boca Raton Art Exhibition March, 2024

"Our Art Belongs Here" Ernest Rubenstein Gallery at the Senior Art Exhibition at Manny Canter Center, NYC ,    May 2024

Art exhibition titled "HOSTAGES" will be showcased at Stanton Street Shul, NYC beginning in September, 2024.



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26 ​​ Testimonials


“Diane Reich enthusiastically presented her program of original paintings of and commentary on Israel at a Friday Evening Community dinner at our Synagogue. It was a very creative way of showcasing Israel, highlighting the variety of important contributions to humanity Israel has made and continues to make, often overshadowed by the geopolitical crisis that has involved this remarkable country since its inception.  Diane’s presentation was excellent, she had a very nice way of engaging and involving her audience, which included some children and adolescents as well as adults. Diane’s enthusiasm and love for the land and people of Israel was palpable and contagious. She had a lovely way of noting an Israeli achievement and/or contribution and inviting the audience to collectively declare, and over the course of the presentation shout out, that those achievements and contributions were Israeli. The presentation was lively and by its end the audience energized.  A number of congregants and visitors approached me after the program telling me how much they enjoyed Diane’s presentation and in one case how it solidified a couple’s decision to join our Synagogue.

Diane Reich is a wonderful and engaging speaker, dedicated and passionate about showcasing the beauty and goodness of Israel, in its many forms, and does so in a 

very exciting and creative way.”

Paul Ruffer, President of the Board of Trustees of the Stanton Street Shul


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An Exhibition of Art From Seniors at the Educational Alliance

MCC left side.jpg
large group with Donnie in back.JPG
MCC right side.jpg
Diane screen of Ethiopians coming off plane.JPG
Diane with menorah painting.JPEG
large group Paul in back.JPG
Diane smiling.jpg

Exhibition at Dr. Bernard Heller Museum, 1 West 4th St. NYC

Art With Powerful Messages.jpg
2 Art With Powerful Messages Show.jpg
Good Temple.jpg
diane temple 6.jpg
Diane hamerman - Copy.jpg
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